UE4 C++ Interface. How To.

I have a question about implementing a basic c++ interface. I setup the UE4 interface using a tutorial but am having no luck with getting it to work. To test the interface I place the casting function into the frog .cpp. If it worked the Flower class and Frog class “helloworld” message should, or wanted to, show up in the output log. What am I doing wrong?

You have several syntactical errors. In AFrog’s begin play you have a missing ; and you need to close and open your {} brackets properly. Use proper indentation. You also didnt tell us what the problem was, but that will not compile so I am going to guess that is your problem.

That being said, if you dont know C++ stop using UE4. Learn C++ first and then come back. UE4’s C++ is harder to learn than standard C++ so you should start with just C++.

Excuse the brackets, I made the message in the middle of doing something. It compiles. What is missing in order to make the interface work?

alt text


heres the tutorial I pulled this one from. If anyone can figure it out please help. Interfaces are great.

link text

OK, I think I may have figured out how to make the interface work in c++ ue4. This is being done in 4.13 so I’m using the premade c++ UInterface class. I’m still running tests. Once it works in a good predictable way I may make a tutorial for it.

As I was about to answer your comment, I saw that you posted this. Please try to not make answers when you want to make comments though. Please change these two answers to comments. Good to hear you managed to get it to work!