UE4 beginner seeing weird bounce behavior from Sphere bouncing indefinitely on simple static mesh


I’m barely starting to learn UE4 and I’ve been following a tutorial online where I have to create a ball and enable physics on it. Once I did that and started simulating the game, I noticed the ball keeps bouncing in a weird way on the static mesh floor from the default map. I duplicated the ball and added a cube mesh and that one doesn’t bounce in the same way.

I compared both floor meshes and they have the same settings. I searched the Answerhub and online and could not find why this is occurring.

Why is the leftmost ball doing this?


I see that you are using UE 4.16.
Your problem looks like a common bug and I hope it will be fixed in the next release. For now try to turn off PCM for PhysX:

Project Settings > Physics > Simulation > Enable PCM [click to turn off]

You may need to click “Show Advanced” arrow to change Enable PCM value.

In 4.16 we enabled PCM for PhysX
(their new contact generation
algorithm). While this gives great
performance improvements, we are still
working with them to fix some final
stability and jitter issues. As such
we recommend turning PCM off if you
experience jitter in your simulation.
(Project Settings > Physics >
Simulation > Enable PCM

Source: 4.16 Released! - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

This is something I was searching for a month now, and finally found it here.Thanks for the solution by the way.

But does turning off PCM, have any drawbacks?