UE4 as an offline Raytracer - org/control of raytrace cvars

This is a two part question from a VFX artist trying to use UE4 as more of an offline renderer. I really do not care if it takes 10 seconds per frame for my RTX 2080Ti to converge and export the image, I just want to get rid of denoiser artifacts and let the raytracer converge to the best noise free image.

Currently I am getting closer to this goal, always using the menu Cinematics -> Movie Render Queue. Here is a link and or a picture or raytrace robot and car.

Question #1 org/control of raytrace cvars
What is the best dependable way to set and verify all of my cvars, which I am constantly doing between entering values in the Console window like r.RayTracing.Reflections.MaxBounces 4, and or putting values into the PostProcessVolume. Once I set in the console window, that value does not seem to change in the interactive PostProcessVolume. I would like to verify that I am for sure seeing 4 bounces. Also I put the values I want directly into the Movie Render Queue, console variables area, which seems great, but that is difficult to verify.

Basically I want to hit render and be sure that my DeNoise variables are OFF, and all important SamplesPerPixel, and MaxBounces are set to high values. I nice big verifiable render settings window. Any suggestion on other important raytrace cvars to set?
Does anyone render in the command line, with flags?

Question #2
Somehow I set maxBounce and SPP variables very high, and still the render gets finished in one second. How can I make UE4 just sit for a minute and converge the render to be the best possible result. What are all the r.TemporalAASamples type cvars doing, are they something I need to dig into?

In conclusion I really want to get to the beautiful raytrace renders going.