UE4 apps get rejected due to fps not reaching 60

So, the rumor has it that Oculus rejects UE4 apps as their fps doesn’t reach solid 60 fps.

I could never get UE4 to run on Gear VR at solid 60 fps. Even in an empty scene (just a cube with player standing on) it’s never 60 fps (more like 59.xx).

Has anyone had this kind of experience with Oculus recently?

Does Google impose same ridiculous rules for Daydream? (ridiculous because 58-59 fps and 60 fps don’t feel any different, and I am extremely sensitive to VR sickness)

I’m 99.99% sure constant 58-59fps will be fine as there are many UE4 apps on the store now :wink:

Your UE4 app will not be rejected for 58-59 fps. This is within the measurable error.

You made my day, [MENTION=11153]Chris Babcock[/MENTION] :slight_smile: