UE4 and Visual Studio 2015

Hello, I have a terrible problem with UE4 10.4 and Visual Studio 2015(Without updates)… I created a class but when I compile the class 2 errors appear on Error List(MSB3073 and Other Compilation Error), I made some tests and the error is because “BlueprintReadWrite” is not recognized, when i starting to write and the suggestions to complete appears that arg isn’t showing. If I comment this part of code in both files .h and .cpp the complilation occurs normally, this is a snipet of code:

//Make Health Property
UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, EditAnywhere, Catergory = “Base Character”)
float health = 100;

Plz stop using Visual Studio


I do not have that.

this is great . at last the vs 2015 compatible with 4.14 . But will I be able to use the previous vs version with 4.14 ?

Yeah, in 4.14. you can open Editor preferences and change VS versions in General -> Source code editor

Thanks man forgot to say thank U

Thank you!

can we have support for Notepad++, please.

I"m Facing problem with PCIP ? Currently I’m using UE4.15.1

APickup::APickup(const class FObjectInitializer &PCIP) : Super(PCIP)
print(“initialized WITH PCIP”);


Remove “class” from before FObjectInitializer.

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Please don’t bump threads completely unrelated to your question. We have a dedicated forum for posting job offerings: https://forums.unrealengine.com/forumdisplay.php?76-Job-Offerings

UE4 needs the compiler, not just the IDE, so you’d still have to have VS installed even if you didn’t use it as the editor. (And in fact you don’t have to use it as the editor, you can open anything you like to edit the source files, although not to debug them.)

Is this article important today?
As I know There’s VS2017 and It works with UE4.
Why Is this article stick topic still?

Why Do I get this WARNİNG??

I am not using UE 4.19 because it offers nothing I need and I am not using VS 2017 because I read about the problems people are having with it’s bugs. I tried it, used Visual Assist with it and it froze all the time, it’s frankly a piece of junk in my eyes and I don’t understand why we should have to update to newer compilers when the engine obviously does not need any features in the new compiler (since UE has been around for years).
This constant drive to use the latest version only gives trouble with new bugs. Don’t update unless there’s a pressing need.

I’ve experienced no freezing nor bugs in general with Visual Studio 2017 with UE 4.19. Are you sure you just don’t have a slow computer ;/?

Un-stickying this as it’s about three years out-of-date now…