UE4 and "interrior mapping"


Basically I want to achieve this:

Since I am not that big with these kind of advanced shaders, I was thinking if there is an option for UE4 to achieve this technique more “easily”, or in a way I could understand it. I am not even quite sure if this setup will work with the UE4, but never the less, anything but copy/paste is beyond me.

So far I only saw this method: which kind of works, but rather for small amount of windows (I want skyscrapers, and many of them. Pretty much the same as in the UDK tutorial).

Does someone has an idea how this could be achieved with UE4 more “easily” but equally complex? Or if not, any kind of further explanation of the method would be highly welcome!


You can try to copy the UDK version of the material, most things are the same even if the editor graphics are different, but some things might not be there in UE4 or they might be named differently. You won’t know though until you try to copy it.
There’s no easy way to do that type of thing unless someone does it for you though.


Much appreciated! :slight_smile: