UE4.8 crash using material with level composition

This bug has been frustrating me for a long time and i tried everything I can think of. I am essentially completely unable to use the world composition tool and it makes it impossible to use level streaming and multiple landscape levels. Here are the simple tasks to repeat the crash:

  1. Start a new project (i used 3rd person starter) with starter content added.
  2. Go to your maps folder and add a new level (lets call it “level0” for now.) Open the new level.
  3. Create a landscape in this level. I used 63x63 quads, 1x1 sections, 2x2 components, resulting in an overall resolution of 127x127.
  4. Save this level and open your original level (ThirdPersonExampleMap)
  5. Go to world settings and check enable world composition. It tell you that it discovered a level and ask whether or not to add it. Hit yes.
  6. Open your levels window and double click on your “level0” level that you created to load it.
  7. Click on the summons world composition button to bring up the world composition window.
  8. Right click on the visible landscape level that is in the world, and add a new level adjacent to it. Name it what you like, but place it in the same folder as your other two levels. Do this several times so you have 4 or so landscape levels.
  9. Open the starter content folders and navigate to a material layer. (i used the grass material)
  10. In the view window, hold shift and select all of your landscapes. Go to their details.
  11. Drag and drop the grass material onto the landscape material reference under Landscape in details.
  12. Enjoy the crash message.

Maybe i am doing something wrong, but I am pretty sure this should not crash it. How am I supposed to make my landscape using level streaming if I can’t make new levels or use a material layer on them? Thanks!

Hi Graeme_Crackers,

This is a known issue and has been reported as UE-17474.