UE4.7.0 crashed reimport font on win7?

I try to use setting as same as

but when I reimport font it’s crash

the picture is my setting

[link text][1]

crash log file
[1]: 31649-log.txt (7.76 KB)

I try this setting in ue4.6.1 it’s fine.
I think new version has bug.

Hi ,

I was unable to reproduce this with a few TT fonts. If you can send the fonts in a zip file, I will test them.


Hi ,
I download font from here:

Hi ,

I downloaded and successfully imported the font you linked to in UE 4.7.2 as show here:

Please update to the latest version of the engine and try again.


yes, it’s ok, but sometime will crash, I don’t know what.

If it continues to crash often, copy the callstack from the crash reporter pop-up, paste in a document, and upload here. Also, remember to hit “submit” from the crash reporter pop-up. If you do that, we can isolate the issue better on our end.