[UE4 4.27] Virtual Height Field not appearing correctly

Hi I was testing the Virtual HeightField actor the other day, and ran into a curious error in the latest version (4.27), all my test prior to that were concluent and the issue was nowhere to be seen.

As you can see in this screenshot, the heightfield seems to disappear and get transparent, I’m not using any opacity in the landscape shader, so it probably comes from the HeighField itself.

The video shows a different kind of behaviour : the heighfield is flickering.

I wouldn’t call the video flickering.
It looks like it’s changing height based on something camera related.

Don’t you hate it when all the preview versions work fine and then the final release doesn’t because there’s no QA team ?

Assuming it’s a bug, expect no fixes either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ps: nice work.
Do check that you don’t have any camera depending code in the material…

Well it seems that after updating my driver that the issue dissapear. I didn’t change anything nor have any camera dependent code in the material.
pfiou, we can close this topic.

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