UE4 4.26 crashes when importing cubemap

Note: actually using 4.26 stable release (but not a choice in the dropdown).

I’ve made a simple cubemap and saved it as a .dds file using Nivida Texture Tools Exporter. It is a modest 30 MB and has been saved using RGBA 32 bit unsigned. Total res is 6,000 x 1000. Have done this before without any issues, but this cube map keeps crashing UE4.

I did try some other formats BC7, BC6, etc but received the “failed to import” message which I expected as those formats are not supported.

Anybody got a suggestion? :slight_smile:

Managed to solve it I think. UE4 doesn’t like textures that are unconventional sizes (e.g. 1000 x 1000). Resized the individual images to 1024 x 1024 and then saved the cubemap (6144 x 1024). Imported without a hitch.