UE4.26 Water Features shown in Relase Notes Missing


I am reviewing this doc:

Scroll down to " Water Rendering and Shading Features "
The first image in this section shows a pool with waves and under the water are “god rays” shining down onto the bottom of the pool and caustics projects onto the surfaces below the water.

In UE 4.26 I can only find the enabling of caustics if I go to {“WaterBodyOcean” > Details > Rendering > Water Material} and double-click on the material “Water_Material_Ocean”. Within there is the ability to enable caustics.

The issue is that the caustics are only visible from above the water’s surface, not below.
I can not locate any caustic option for the “Underwater Post Process Material” option, even once replacing it with an instance.

Can someone please help me locate how to get caustics to be visible from “under water” and how to enable those rays of light??