UE4.26 - Shader is using too many SRVs (only 64 supported)

Has anyone had issues with there landscape material SRV count? it seems a single landscape materials no longer can have over 64 textures? so setting texture samples to wrapped will fix your slot issue but you be hit with a SRV limitation now with 4.26, I had 77 textures working fine on 4.25 and below.

I Have the same issue after 4.26.:

gShaderCompilers: Warning: Failed to compile Material /Game//Materials/TEST.TEST (MI:/Game/Terrein:PersistentLevel.Landscape_14.LandscapeMaterialInstanceConstant_1328) for platform PCD3D_SM5, Default Material will be used in game.
LogShaderCompilers: Display: Shader is using too many SRVs: 66 (only 64 supported);

Actually, at the previous version, UE4.25 Wrapped samples worked fine.

i hope to fix this bug in the next version, otherwise i can only cut landscape and material to reduce texture samples.

I fixed mine by using atlas textures I combined 4 into 1 as the SRV from 4.26 wont likely change you will need to reduce the amount of textures used in your landscape material.

I removed the inspection, build the ShaderCompileWorker.exe from engine source code, then replace the installed engine ShaderCompileWorker files . The problem solved. :rolleyes:

honestly, sounds like a recipe for disaster…

Hey, sorry for the old reply but what are atlas textures? I have the same issue with a marketplace automaterial and I have no idea what to do

A atlas texture is when you combine 4 textures into a tile format so 4 textures become one, so your dropping 3 SRVs for each one you combine, you then call which part of the texture UV you want 1-4 to get the correct texture, this also saves on memory its worth doing.

Thank you for the response. Yeah ok, I just went in with a hammer and got rid of loads of textures in my material haha. I have no idea how to do that, is it easy? Are there any guides?

This happens in 5.0 too. Isn’t DirectX 11 limited to 128 SRV?