UE4.26 Raytracing

I have installed ue4.26 preview and everything worked fine, until I turned on ray tracing. When I restart the engine it stucks at 39%. Same think happens when I create a new project and enable ray tracing stucks at 39%.

It’s not stuck but it’s going to take a while as enabling raytracing and changing RHI to DX12 requires complete recompile of both global and project specific shaders. It takes a few minutes even on something like Ryzen 3900X, so it may take even couple dozen minutes on some weak laptop.

But once compiled, no recompile will be required unless you make other changes to project settings which require global shader recompile again. So it’s not like you will have to wait that long on every launch. Only on the very first one after the changes.

You can also watch the log file getting bigger and bigger. I you reload that file, you can also see how it long ± takes…