(UE4-26) Factory Not Exposing Custom Asset to the Context Menu Misc Section

Hey there, I began working on a plugin that aims to add some new objects and functionality. I was following the " Best Practices for Creating and Using Plugins" tutorial provided by Unreal[1].

Unfortunately, after getting to the “Creating New Asset Types & Factories” section and following along my asset didn’t appear in the context menu. All the classes were created from inside the editor. I’ve tried a bunch of different things and asked some people IRL if they knew anything about it (all of them more knowledgeable on Unreal than me) and none of them could fix it.

I’ve checked the build.cs file, different versions of the editor, compiled and rebuilt all my code, deleted the intermediate files and regenerated them and I just can’t get it to appear. If any of you would be able to help that’d be great.

[1] Best Practices for Creating and Using Plugins - Unreal Engine

Its so sad that no one is responding to posts related to the very same issues. There are post from a few years back with the same issue too and none of the community members care bout this issue.

Yeah, it is a shame but does happen. I tried changing from a UObject to an AActor and while it still doesn’t appear in the misc section it can be found in the blueprint classes section. If that helps you .

Well the problem with inheriting from an AActor class is that, an actor class is meant for runtime stuff it has things like event ticks and stuff which are totally unnecessary. Besides im tryna store values in my asset. Sort of like how there are Anim sequences or static meshes. With their own editor and viewport and detail panel. Its not gonna be used in my game like in the sense how an acotor is placed in the level.

Yeah, All I can suggest is maybe try messing with some other types and see what works. Or maybe make sure all the macros are good, I was warned about that when making mine.

I got it to work yesterday haha. Such a relief! I didnt inherit it from an actor.

Ayyy let’s go, nice work man