UE4.26.2 How to use AR Occlusion on IOS?

How to implement AR Occlusion in UE4.26.2 with IOS Devices, I checked some information, some guys change the following config in the AR Session Config:

  1. “Use Scene Depth for Occlusion”
  2. changed “Enable Session Tracking feature” to “Scene Depth”

After that he can use the AR Occlusion in Android device, although the occlusion in that perfect, but at least it works, i tried with IOS device(iPad Pro) with the UE4 default AR project, there is nothing happened, Is anyone already tried with this function? Any idea will be much appreciated, thanks advance!

Hi there,
Have you figured this out? Checking “Use Scene Depth for Occlusion” in the AR session config does not do anything for me either. I am also using an iPad Pro whcih has Lidar.

Did anyone ever figure this out?

Any update on IOS devices?