UE4 .25 Input errors

I just updated my project to 4.25 and it seems my old input settings for VR crash the editor so now I am trying to use the new mappings but I am getting two very different results from two projects in 4.25 using what seems like the same input setting. If I create a new VR project in 4.25 and bind an action to lets say vive (L) trackpad up it works but if I do the exact same in my 4.25 project that I updated from 4.20 it doesn’t.

To make sure I added the Virtual Reality Content pack in my updated project and tried a simple binding in both projects. Input action Quit and binded vive (L) trackpad to that in both projects. It will work in the new VR project but not in the updated one. Does anyone know why?

This is the new project and this binding will quit the game

This is from my project which was 4.20 updated to 4.25 and does nothing.