ue4.25 Foilage problems in Raytracing Mode!?


I´m working in a scene in Raytracing mode but all the foilage that i spread using the foilage paint tool get all mess up! and weird! it seems that exist 2 instances 1 animated and right and other freezed! but in reality only exist 1 instance of the foilage paint! who knows how to solve this and can get a right foilage in raytracing mode?

There is a setting to enable Evaluate World Position Offset in the mesh. I don’t know where you would find it for instanced static meshes like foliage. Perhaps in the foliage tool or the static mesh foliage asset itself.

If your material is using the World Position Offset pin to move the foliage then this setting should be on :slight_smile:

In the material is already set the “World Position Offset” but the result is the one i showed! don’t work! if i put the model in the scene without the foilage paint and with the “World Position Offset” set in the details all work perfectly! but the problem is that for the landscape we must use a foilage spread tool for the large environment and in the foilage paint instance details don’t have that "“World Position Offset” option to set!! how can be possible to set in the foilage instance this!?