UE4.25.3_It took 6 hours to generate 110GB engine files

It took me 6 hours to generate 110GB files. :confused:
Cause my SSD doesn’t have enough space, I compiled it on a 7200rpm HDD. I think this is the main reason. But still, even on SSD, it would take ages to compile.
I am a PC developer, I don’t need the starter content, platform supports, or Editor symbols stuff.
Is there a way to just compile things I need? 4.25.1 engine only takes 13GB in this case from the Launcher.
And why I can’t find 4.25.2 or 4.25.3 via the Game Launcher?
In this video, Amanda said 4.25.3 is available via the Game Launcher and Github.

Oh, dear… I can update via the Game Launcher now.
Compiling from Github is a horrible experience. I don’t want to do this again…

Compiling the engine from an obsolete disk won’t work. A modern workstation computer will have it built in 10-20 minutes.

Yeah, I noticed the c-c++ compiler takes full potential of every core of the CPU. For workstations, it would be easier a lot. Any idea of getting rid of unnecessary modules for compiling?

Is there a particular reason you cannot use the binary build available via the launcher?

if you’re going to make changes to the unreal engine or if you are going to build a dedicated server, you’ll still need the source.

If you open up Resource Monitor while compiling, I beat everything is waiting on your HDD seeks. You’re going to need an SSD (which has 6x more throughput than your HDD), or an NvME (which is 32x more throughput than your HDD).

That surely can’t be right? :expressionless:
Not that I have ever tried - been using source built engine for ages.

@Kris Iif i recall this correctly the explanation was the excessive amount of extra binaries required for server (and possibly client) builds, therefore launcher version can only emit game targets by default. Not sure if it’s possible to customize this in any way and allow other targets to cook/compile.