UE4.23 New HDRIBackdrop + Skylight

I am testing here the new raytracing features that comes with 4.23 and I am curious if the plan is to use the HDRIBackdrop together with Skylight or just individually? I am getting very funny results if I combine those two and I dont understand what is going on. When I turn on Skylight with the HDRIbackdrop all lights disappear.

Yes - explained : If you look at the HDRI backdrop in 4.23 - its just a blueprint … and it contains a skylight component. So if you add another Skylight to the scene you will in effect have two skylights… and that does not work so well :slight_smile:


Thank you guys! It was kind of late and I never thought to check if its a blueprint or whatever. Thats why peoples say - sleep on your problems. :smiley:

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