UE4.20.3 - UMG ListView - On Item Selection Changed not firing


first thing to say, I am forced to use 4.20.3 Engine Version right now. I successfully managed to get it working on the latest Engine Version but when porting it to 4.20.3 it does not fire the On Item Selection Changed in the Entry Widget Blueprint of my ListView.

On the ListView itself, i see my items, and when I subscribe to the ListView’s Item Selection Changed that fires successfully when clicking an item.
However on the Entry Widget itself there is a Selection Changed Event too which I use to change the background color of the entry widget when selecting it, this does not fire in version 4.20.3. In 4.23.X it does tho.

Any idea why?

Same here. I think it is a bug. On 4.24 the event fires normally.

on 4.25 not noticing any fires

Hope this gets fixed ASAP!

Using 4.25.0, I’m not noticing any issues with either of the selection changed events