UE4.15 C++ #error: "No Target Architecture"

First Sorry For My Poor English.

I Have a C++ Project.This Project Can Be Compiled With UE 4.14 but Can not Compile with UE4.15.

The Error is “No Target Architecture”.

I Have No Idea about how to Resolve This Problem Because It can be Compiled With UE4.14 and have no Error.

What should I Do?


Please take the contents of the output tab in visual studio and paste it here.

The error comes because you are building for 64Bit, and for some reason the build includes the winnt.h from the 32Bit program files folder. Maybe you need to install the 64Bit version of the Windows SDK (which I believe is another name for Windows Kits, but unsure)? This is just a guess, never seen this error before in unreal environment.

Here Is the Output.I Include the Windows.h

There is the Output in UE4.14 environment.They are Completely the same.I don’t know what have changed in UE4.15.



Do you solve this issue? I meet the same problem. In UE4.14 is OK, and get error in the UE4.15.

sorry,I have not find the solution yet.

These two answers seem to be useful. But I still have no idea to solve. Did you try them?