UE4.13 MediaPlayer - Cant play more than one movie file

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to import 3x mp4 files into my project for a 3d ui sequence. I followed the import guide and the first import and material worked fine in my movie material and in editor/runtime. I set up the material using it as an alpha for an emmisive lerp, but I cant seem to get any other materials set up to play in editor.

With one media player it seems to replace each texture asset created with the last previewed video, when I try to assign on another texture asset they all play the same file. It seems to be some kind of limitation/problem with the way the file is referenced.

I have tried using the texture asset direct to the emmisive channel and this also did not have any effect in case it was a problem there.

Adding multiple Media players had a better effect and if I have them both open and preview play the files in both open media players they appear in editor, but only one is present at run time, the other is black or not in scene at all.

I’ve also tried isolating the files/media players in separate folders

I really need multiple materials referencing different mp4 files to give some depth to my in game ui.

I’d be very grateful for any help or confirmation if this is a problem with this version. I cant seem to get a working link to the Media player technical documentation either?

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Each media player feeds to one media texture. You can have any number of materials references this texture. Any surfaces using these material will show this media player’s output with whatever adjustments you made to the material properties. You can assign a File Media Source or URL to the movie player (or play list) and play it so you can play different movies as you need to.

If you need to play multiple movies at the same time, you need multiple media players, each with their own media texture and material(s).

Hi Chris,

Thanks for replying. Apologies I think I have failed to mention that as well as multiple media players I also had multiple texture assets on 2 separate materials. I initially found it confusing when one media player would only allow one texture asset for all movie files even though I had multiple texture assets that I was attempting to assign. I wanted to explain the process I went through to reach where I was in respect of the problem, but appreciate that its come out less clear than I intended.

I had limited in editor success with 2 media players using 2 separate texture assets on 2 separate materials. If I had both of the media player assets open, each linked with the url to the respective texture asset, and had them both loaded into each media player preview window, they appeared fine in the editor, as 2 separate materials playing the 2 movies as needed. However at run time when I play only one of the materials is displayed correctly and the other is black.

One movie works fine, but two from what you have said isn’t displaying correctly. From the looks of things I think I’ve set them up correctly as I can see both previewed on the 2 materials.

Does this mean that this is a bug in 4.13? If it is confirmed I will seriously need to quickly look at completely changing the solution/approach to meet our tight deadline.

If there is a work around I’d be very grateful as I’m pretty worried that this isn’t something I can currently fix, especially without access to the technical documentation. (404 error)

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Hi Chirs,

I found this old post So I will look back over my material to double check all my settings.

Another thread using 4.10/4.11 stated issues with movie playback had a response suggested their problems were related to using mp4 and changing to wmv fixed their issue. So will have a look at further formats tomorrow, I have tried a few and will respond with what I have tried etc if I can exhaust those possibilities available to me.

I’ll keep working on it tomorrow, and will also look at spawning using blueprint etc as I’m sure I will also need this, but if there is any additional insight available it would be really helpful.

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A media player outputs to one media texture. Many materials may reference this media texture, but each will show the same movie when playing. You can have multiple media players playing at the same time, but this will affect performance.

Hi everybody (i’m new of Unreal Engine) i have the same problem… it’s look like is a problem in the level blueprint… the node open source allow to manage just one media source… any tips? please is very important

Sorry for my english.


I’m so glad I found this thread. I have 6 video streams running with 4K content within my project. As soon as I connected the 3rd Media Player my video began to stutter and lag badly. I rebuilt it all 3 times before I found this thread and nothing helped. As soon as I converted all my MP4’s to WMV’s, the problem ceased and everything runs smoothly. I’m currently using V 4.24.