UE4.13 Crash on Lighting Build

Hello everyone!

I am having an issue where shortly after I click on build, the editor closes with a windows debugging page. I’ve tried 4.13 and 4.14 on this, and I just reinstalled UE4 and 4.13 entirely to no avail… I don’t know how to give the error log from this, since the editor doesn’t bring anything related to that up.

All I’ve got for now is this picture, can someone please instruct me on how to get the error log?

Thank you!!

narrowing down the issue is difficult . some times it may be due to failed swarm connection . sometimes due to damaged installation ,or sometimes due to extensive ram usage on a low end pc. U have to find a solution on Ur end


When this type of crash happens there is typically something in Windows that prevents the program from being able to run properly that needs to be resolved within Windows. This is not always a specific problem which can be make it difficult to reproduce on our end.

With that being said, you can follow the instructions I’ve written up in this Wiki to find the Error that is causing the crash within Windows.

Things I’ll need:

  • Full Project Log (Your Project > Saved > Logs)
  • Saved Log from Windows Event Viewer with the full error. Please do not post this as a screenshot. Just the saved file.
  • Your DxDiag for this machine.
  • Also, is this only happening in your project or does it happen with a new blank project with a default level?

Thank you!


Thank you so much Tim! Here are the files, please rename the event log “ue4-windowserror” as a evtx again, I couldn’t attach it without changing that.
[link text][1][link text][2]

It happens even in a blank project too.

Can you upload a text file of the DxDiag. You need to bring up the DxDiag window and then just click Save All Information. That text file will have more relevant information that I need, like drivers and whatnot.

Looking at the error code from the Event Viewer log and the faulting file, igdusc64.dll, this is likely going to be a similar solution to this solution on AnswerHub: Editor crash during shader build - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

From some googling for that .dll file, it appears to be a common issue for this to fault with Intel CPUs that aren’t switching to your Game GPU. If this is a laptop, which I can’t tell based on the information provided, but the DxDiag will confirm if it is, it’s been a common issue for the Intel ones to have more trouble switching and putting too much strain on the CPU causing the crash within Windows.

So depending on what the DxDiag says about driver information for the GPU and CPU, you’ll either likely need to update them both or make sure that the GPU is actually being used when the Editor is opened.

You;ll want to grab two DxDiag captures. One while the editor is open and one with it closed. This should show if it’s being used while the editor is opened.

Thanks for the fast reply Tim! Here are the 2 logs without editor with editor

My integrated card is updated, and I’ve built the lighting before with 4.11.5. My computer is a desktop, if that helps.

Looking at both DxDiag’s the Display card being used is the Intel HD Graphics 4600, which is the issue you’re getting. This integrated graphics card has been known to cause a number of issues.

If you have a dedicated graphics card, like a NVidia GTX series or AMD series GPU you will need to get this sorted so that it is starting up with this Editor.

If you only have the integrated graphics card, I would start by updating that to the latest driver since the driver appears to be significantly outdated. Your current driver version is whereas the latest on Intel’s site for Win7 is listed as

Oh, you’re right Hobson!! A while back I had a higher version of my graphics driver, but I recently tried to upgrade my system and uninstalled the newest version in favor of Nvidia’s graphics… that ended up not working out, and I forgot to re-upgrade my Intel drivers!

Thank you so much, and the link was helpful as well!

Have a great day!