UE4.12 Viewport quality?

So I came back to Unreal engine, and installed 4.12. Updated my project, and something was wrong.

So I did some testings and now I’m wondering could someone explain, to me why there is such a huge difference in viewport display quality?

And just for the record for the testings I’m using Blueprints example project.

so here is viewport in 4.9

And here is viewport in 4.12

And yes I know that when I hit play in standalone game everything will look as it supposed to look, but in my humble opinion I shouldn’t be forced to run simulation in separate window just to check if the static light that I added is working properly.

So If anyone could explain to me what is happening it would be awesome.

Ok… Stupid me… It bugged me for 2 days now… And it was just as simple as engine scalability :stuck_out_tongue: