UE4.11 - Where can I find all the new shader features

I noticed that in the blog post about Unreal 4.11, Epic promised really nice shaders for hair, eyes, skin, and cloth. I downloaded their demo and I’ve searched through a ton of forum posts, but I can’t seem to find anything that comes close to what Epic Games promised.

Hair: I watched the Paragon video which talks about how much thought they put into their hair shader, but the demo on the Content Examples seems very subpar. Could it be that they haven’t updated it to demo this new feature? Where can I find this amazing hair shader that they promised?

Eyes: I found their sample eyeball and it looks fine, but is there any more flexibility with eyeballs or are we expected to copy the exact mesh + texture?

Skin: Couldn’t find anything. All documentation stops after 4.9.

Cloth: They promised this really nice fuzzy texture but I haven’t been able to find anything about it. Any pointers?

I want to know if this is all they’ve given us. Cause the screenshots in the blog look so much nicer than what I seem to be able to find.

the new shaders are in the shading model drop-down in the materiel editor and are as described… there just tricky to use. i expect there will be more paragon based Documentation soon.