UE4.11 supports decal materials on static meshes for mobile devices only if "Mobile HDR" is checked?

I don’t need HDR quality for my game but need decal materials on static meshes.
can anybody help me please…

Hi Saeedc,

Decals should work with Mobile. They were implemented in 4.9, IIRC. This looks likes it was broken in 4.11 since I could packaged in 4.10 and 4.12 without issue with decals.

Look for this to be resolved in 4.12 once that releases in the near future.

Thank you!


Hi Tim.

decals are broken again in 4.12 final release. they were fine in preview releases

I’ve tested this on a blank project with a Galaxy Note4 (OS 4.4.4) and Nexus 5 (OS 6.0) without any issue. I’ve attached a test project for you to check out. It could be a device limitation or that you’ve got something not setup correctly.

This is a default project created with 4.12 and launched onto the devices.

Test Project: Mobile_Decals

you have checked mobile HDR check box in this project you sent.
decals are not rendered with mobile HDR off.

I don’t know what is behind high dynamic range lighting that fixes all kind of bugs and issues for mobile projects .
there is sound bug related to something which is named signal 11 that can be fixed with high dynamic range lighting :slight_smile:


HDR projects are really heavy to process (a simple 3D HDR project is 40 to 50 frames in galaxy S5) and (25 to 35 frames in galaxy S4) only S6 and S7 could handle that with 60 frames

I know that UE4 has beed designed for powerful or future devices but when there is a LDR option, LDR should work fine then

Decals require Mobile HDR to be enabled. Not all rendering features will be enabled for LDR and needs to be taken into consideration when developing a project and what platforms you are developing for.