UE4.11 and Oculus Entitlement Checks

Hello! I’m having some issues with including the now required entitlement checks in my UE4 project.

I am following the steps outlined here:

  1. I’ve went into the DefaultEngine.ini file and added the necessary code as shown below, replacing the “OculusAppID” with my own App ID.


  1. I then went into the GAME_NAME.Build.cs file (replacing game_name with my project name) and added the line
  2. I then added the code "#include “Online.h” to my project’s header file
  3. Lastly, I added the entitlement check (as shown below) to run when the project first launches.

IOnlineIdentity::FOnGetUserPrivilegeCompleteDelegate::CreateLambda(](const FUniqueNetId& UserId, EUserPrivileges::Type Privilege, uint32 CheckResult)
if (CheckResult != (uint32)IOnlineIdentity::EPrivilegeResults::NoFailures)
// User is NOT entitled.
// User IS entitled

When I launch the project, I went into console to see if the commands had went through, and for each line in the code listed above in #4, the system shows “Command not found.”

I have since tried rebuilding the project in 4.12.5, using the Oculus SDK 1.7.0, and even tried it with the built-in entitlement check in 4.12.5 with 1.7.0, but when doing that the check never runs- it fails regardless of whether the end user is logged in or not.

I’m hoping someone else has run into this issue and can help point out something obvious I’ve missed.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Did you make any progress with this? Where specifically did you add the code in step 4? I am trying to add a leaderboard so need to progress with this too.

It would be handy if someone had a template / sample project for VR with all the stuff that Oculus asks for so it can be easily implemented (e.g. pause game and sound when headset removed), entitlement checks etc.