UE3 - Missing image and material in game

Hi, im completely noob in this and trying to modify a RS2 map using the Unreal 3 engine.

My problem :

in game the mesh poster is available without material and image.
in editor i do see the poster with image i added.

Anyone any idea what i ahve done wrong ?

My Steps

  1. openend an existing map in editor.
  2. search poster mesh
  3. added an image
  4. make a material with this image.
  5. connected also opacity (as shown in most tutorial video’s when editing material) and selected translucent)
  6. added poster mesh on the map.
  7. dragged material onto poster mesh.
  8. i can see in view the poster on the wall with image. (also in play mode.)
  9. i build
    10 copied files to rs2 maps.
    11 startup game

Result : in game empty poster showing the default mesh with 2 white and 2 blue squares.


btw i use UE3 because the editor is delivered by steam rs2 sdk.