UE Vray Oculus Rift packaging issue

Hi UE community!

Newbie here when it comes to UE… For work I only use 3ds max and Vray to do architecture visualization so when Unreal and Vray made an collab we decided to test it out and import an old project to UE.

When I test the VR within UE with the VR Preview everything works fine, but as soon as I package my project and start it, I loose all the textures and oculus doesn’t respond. I’ve googled around and tried to fix it with start vr ticked on, having both enable hmd and stereo on in the blueprints on both my pawn and the level itself. Even fullscreen mode doesn’t work. For some reason I can only package it for x32 as well.

Here’s how the project looks from preview in UE and from the .exe file itself.

Hi, @anonymous_user_e1c76236
I have similar issue, did you find solution? I guess in UE there is V-Ray plugin and it’s code, but after packaging it will work without plugin, so I’m looking for solution also