UE VR Beginners Roadmap

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to start learning UE and VR development and was wondering if any of the more seasoned devs could point me in the right direction on where to start.

A little background - I have some experience with web front-end development, so not a total noob at programming :slight_smile: I’ve also played around with UE a while ago. Quite comfortable with 3d modeling, you can check that out on Instagram - hobijist3d.

I already have downloaded both UE4 and UE5, Quest2 arrived yesterday.

So, Question Nr.1 - Since UE5 is coming out this year, should I start with UE5 right away or stick with UE4 and move to UE5 later (Absolutely love what can be achieved in terms of visuals).

Question Nr.2 - What courses and youtube channels you would recommend?

Question Nr.3 - Would love to share my progress and join a community, so what’s the best platform and community to do that?

Thanks in advance and ps. - not looking for a $5k course with mentorship, just cheap or free courses, youtube channels.

Have a great 2022!

My two cents:
Answer Nr.1 - I would suggest you to start using 4.27, once ue5 is ready for production, you will be able to migrate your projects.

Answer Nr2 - Check out Epic´s learning courses, you will find enough related to VR that are very useful Unreal Online Learning - Unreal Engine

Answer Nr 3 - this forum has been a great resource since i can recall, also if you have discord you can join unreal slackers which is isalso a great community.

extra tip: check Mordental´s VR expansion plugin, its a great tool and the dev is always willing to help.
Good luck and have a great 2022


Ive worked with UE4 since around 2014 and been a full-time VR developer for about 3 years, so I can weigh in. Malcriado is on the money, though :+1:

  1. Begin with UE4.27, as it has the new XR template so it has compatibility with a wide range of headsets without the overhead of including multiple backends such as SteamVR, Oculus, and WMR. As Macriado mentions, you can always migrate a 4.27 project to 5.0 when the time comes. It’s worth noting, however, that much of the new visual effects aren’t compatible with VR.

  2. Epic’s YT channel is a great place to start; There’s quite a few live training streams that delve into VR development. GamedevXR is a good dude with lots of content related specifically to Quest development, he’s worth a look. Marco Ghislanzoni has some quality UE4 VR tutorials too. Human Codeable has a lot of VR tutorials as well, he’s a little more advanced. All of these guys are on YT, so should be easy to find.

  3. Unreal Slackers on discord is where a lot of us lurk most of the time. Polycount is a great community I really like, and though it is more art-focused, people share all kinds of work there. Also this forum :slight_smile: There are plenty of regulars that are lurking here most days, so dont be a stranger!

Hope that helps, happy developing! :slight_smile: