UE running IN Gear VR?

I’m completely new to this entire thing, but I read the bit on the page that said “The full Unreal editor runs in VR” - I wanna know, does that include the Gear VR? i.e. what I’m saying is that if I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ , can I run UE on it? Cause, CPU juice on these phones is pretty heavy, and they even have a GPU, which looked pretty good to me, though it may not be comparable to a modern desktop. In short, if I have a VR setup, can I CREATE VR on the headset I’m watching VR on??! Sounds logical, no? (though that’s not all I wanna do with UE).

…cause, after buying the Galaxy, I won’t have any money left over for a heavy-duty PC :slight_smile: (and just to point out, the thing has the “DeX” dock which transforms the phone into a computer - which is the main reason for the above questions :slight_smile: ).

If UE DOES run on it, keep in mind that creating VR is not all I wanna do - I wanna use all it’s other features as well (whatever I know so far).

If this hasn’t happened yet - could I push you guys into making plans to? :slight_smile:


As someone who owns an S8+ I can tell you that that is not the case. When they say that it means if you have a Rift or a vive or something similar attached to your pc you can run the editor in that. But the PC itself is still doing all the work.

There would have to be a build of the Unity Editor itself actually running in android which there isn’t.

That said what you describe would be cool but I can only see it maybe being possible when paired to a desktop PC that is still doing all the heavy lifting and maybe streaming frames to the phone over USB 3.1. That’d be cool.

But you still need a PC currently.