UE online windows analytics solution, other than 'Game Analytics'?

Hello People,
I wonder what other options are there for a game analytics solution for Windows/OSX - other than ‘Game Analytics’?
I’m looking to track engagement and monetisation.

Please share your experience,
Thank you!

Google Analytics?..

I’m looking to track engagement in micro-transctions, game events etc, not sure Google Analytics would work there…

There must be other solutions?

Thank you,

In Google Analytics Provider plugin you can track what you need, also micro-transactions and game events: Google Analytics Provider Plugin - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

Actually the Google Analytics plugin as indicated above will do exactly that, if you are however not wanting to use that then write your own using a REST Web Service or similar. You could try the Low Entry JSON/XML, HTTP, and Encryption plugins and then write your own Web Service to handle the calls.

You would then trigger the calls inside your game where you need them.