UE crashes after LiveCoding with AccesViolation

I run in to a problem while coding a game mode, wich should keep track of the player, wich is a PaperZDCharacter from the PaperZD Plugin. Maybe some one has an idea how i could try to fix it.
The problem causes following crash report:

I does not have a rough idea of why it occurred, cause the same code run without any issues a day before. (Every change I did, i commented out)

This is the file to which the error refers:

Here I use the OBJ:

What I tried:

  • Deactivate FXAA for UE.exe (Some Access Violation errors were caused due to NVIDIA, even they look different)
  • Delete and rebuild the Intermediate and Saved files.
  • Checked if the game mode is even used in the engine

I am using UE version: 5.0.3 and VS-Code version: 17.4.3

If you need any more information, feel free to ask.