UE-93360 missing detail that reflection is colored by TL screen corner

This seems like the wrong place to add detail to a bug report, but only option?

UE-93360 Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-93360) is an issue that also happens to me, but it is missing an important detail

The reflections “flickering” color is determined by the color in top-left pixel rendered.

This issue has been fixed by CL 12195642 in the dev-rendering branch a month ago, but for some reason it didn’t reach 4.25. Could someone at Epic bring it over?

Here is the commit with the fix:

Github link isn’t working. Any update on this one ?

I have se the same issue on my side and it’s really painfull

You need to enable access to their private repo, follow the steps here: Unreal Engine 4 on GitHub - Unreal Engine

Amazing thanks for the help.

Updates the code in the Engine but sadly it didn’t fix the issue on my side. with FXAA SSR Still reflection is still based on the top left pixel.

Hey there, thanks for the reply, but this is not working for me neither (on 4.25).
There is not the issue on 4.24… is there a way to fix it on 4.25 so ?

Make sure you did all the steps correctly:

  1. Get UE4 source from GitHub, and checkout branch “release” ( Downloading Unreal Engine Source Code | Unreal Engine Documentation ).
  2. Generate solution and build the engine in “Development Editor” mode ( Building Unreal Engine from Source | Unreal Engine Documentation ).
  3. If the build succeeds, modify the two files mentioned in the fix and build again. You will see a mention to those two files in the output log.
  4. Make sure you run the engine that you just built, and not the installed 4.25 from Launcher.
  5. Open your project from that running instance of the editor. It will ask to rebuild the game modules for this new version (if using C++).
  6. Finally, rebuild and repackage your game.

@Zyperworld please see the answer to wtflow below.

I cherry picked this for 4.25 and can confirm it works. Not sure why it wasn’t included in 4.25 considering the fix was made in March. Maybe it was made after the cutoff date? I know teams are now only allowed to push render or graphics changes for major (and thus not minor) engine updates. Hopefully the fix will be in 4.26?