UE 5 - Multi GPU Support - NOT SLI - NOT NVLINK

Very surprised UE 5 isn’t using more than my primary GPU for VRAM and overall processing etc. I’m coming from years of working in Davinci Resolve; each identical gpu added to the machine (without SLI or NVLink or anything like that), the system performance instantly increases by around 40%. DR will make use of the 2nd GPU VRAM and overall processing power.

Will UE 5 have the same capabilities?
I see my CPU usage absolutely max out in UE 5 - same with system RAM and VRAM on GPU 1.
But GPU 2 is untouched… GPU 1 is doing essentially ZERO processing, maxxing out VRAM, and GPU 2 with zero VRAM usage and zero processing…

Is there a plugin or something I can install to actually utilize all this hardware sitting here?
I get that PUGET SYSTEMS demonstrates that money is currently better spent on a 64 core CPU. But the performance gains I experience in Davinci Resolve with multiple GPUs is what I was expecting in Unreal Engine, especially this latest release.

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so , i have the same issue!

I want Multi-GPU support for UE5 as well. I want to be able to just add another RTX A6000 to my workstation when I want to upgrade instead of basically having to buy a whole new computer to upgrade.

Can anyone from Epic shed some light on multi-GPU plans for UE5?