UE 5 Early Access issue/glitch with my foliage

Hi all !
I’m new to Unreal Engine and this forum. For a project I need to build a landscape with quite some foliage, trees, grass and so on.
The issue is that when I started to paint my foliage some… “glitches” just appeared, rapidly flashing (See video linked). I don’t really know where to look so that’s why I’m asking here.

Here is the video of the issue : Issue Unreal Engine 5 early access - YouTube

Can someone please help me ?

Hey! Are you using virtual shadow maps? The flickering could be related to that. The strange noise is caused by Lumen GI.

Some console commands you can try:

r.Shadow.Virtual.Clipmap.LastLevel = 22

you can set that to 30 and see if the shadows are getting better.

r.Lumen.ScreenProbeGather.Temporal.DistanceThreshold = 30

try 850 here and see if its better

Hope it helps.