UE 5.2 Niagara Fluid Default Templates Have Issues When Activating On.

There seems to be a bug with Niagara Fluids where if you Set Active a Niagara System Emitter with a FLIP Fluid you get blinding white light. Was able to reproduce it in the content examples. Created a BP Actor, added a Niagara System Emitter, Set it to FLIP Hose, added a delay on Begin Play and Set the System Active to true (Reset true or false) and you get a blinding white light like I show here.

I think we’ve chatted about this off the forum, but for others wondering, this will be fixed in the next release. If you want to restart your effect look into ReinitializeSystem. For making it inactive, a good combination is pause+hide too.

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You are correct, this was prior to our talk.

Thanks again.