UE 5.2.1 Mesh/Landscape flickering with WPO material

Hi there,

I was trying to add displacement feature back to Quixel Bridge surface material.

The project I test with is basically stock FPS template. To reproduce you need a FPS template with some surfce assets from Quixel Bridge.

The material applied to landscape is M_MS_Surface_Material that came with quixel bridge assets.

Original material with unconnected/0 WPO are working correctly:

Material with (0,0,postive_constant) WPO is flickering badly.
For constant input, the whole scene is flickering with blue shadow.

Material with (0,0,texture_channel) WPO is flickering on actors near screen edge:

You may notice that the actor I clicked is always rendered correctly, which is true in both cases.

I have completely no idea. Setting positive z-bounds extension of landscape to 10000 does not work either.

Any ideas or confirmation on this issue?