UE 5.1 OpenXR rendered VR view with offset to left up side

My settings:
Instanced stereo = true
Round robin occlusion = false
FFR = false (any value not affected)

My headset - HTC Vive Pro 2, SteamVR v1.24.6, VIVE Console v2.1.21.4

If i use SteamVR (that’s deprecated) all works fine

changing instanced stereo and forward rendering do not change this situation, but if i used default configs for 5.1 VRTemplate project this issue was fixed.
I found, that disabling AO fixed background ghosting (in right eye background three was duplicated, for eg).
Also if i use default config for VRTemplate this scene was so lagged (1-2 fps), in SteamVR this scene rendered in 30 fps

Thanks , this was pretty useful. What you mean by disable AO?