UE 5.1.0 p1: Packaged Executables crash: Could not decompress shader

I have Nanite + SM6 + Default RHI DirectX12 and my packed executables crash at start with:


Any idea?

How I fixed this problem: Run game in editor as “Standalone Game”, if there “Preparing Shaders” going- just wait when it’s done. Pack your game again and check, error must gone.

This is a bit of an annoying one. My project has too many levels and dynamic objects, meaning its impractical to do a “standalone” run where all shaders are revealed and compiled.

Just a FYI - I tried removing shader compressing in the project settings, that did not resolve the issue.

Having the exact same issue, and the “standalone Game” fix didn’t work for me either. I’m wondering if this is an issue with bringing over content from a 4.x project into 5.1?

Edit>Project Setting>Packaging>“Use Io Store”. If it’s enabled- packaged game have “decompress shader error”

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True, now I get:


Same problem. Anyone has actually successfully packaged a game on 5.1 preview 1 or is it a no go for now?

Problem with WorldGridMaterial error still exists here on 5.1 Preview2

I found a very questionable solution, that works for me:

  • In the content browser show engine content
  • filter out worldgridmaterial
  • open and delete all nodes (except main node of course) , save
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Wish I could help