UE 5.0.1 MediaPlayer Unable to play video files ?

UE 5.0.1 MediaPlayer Unable to play video files ?

I’ve started a thread as well about the same thing. Doesn’t seem to work. Can’t be just us.

It’s DX12 issue,Awaiting fix

Ah thanks, gonna put my next project on hold which is unfortunate. Shooting the green screen footage tomorrow but will have to wait for the fix before I can start putting it in.

Do u know how I can follow for an update? Is it listed on the bugs page?

Solution was indeed already given … by this post

Solution is indeed goto project settings: Windows → Default RHI → Default
This is set on Dx12… settings it to default and everything is working fine again.

Now its posted before… but deeplinking only pages made me jump from forum post to forum post :slight_smile:


I was able to change back to DX11 and get the media to come up in MediaPlayer and I can scrub through it, but it won’t play. It will sometimes play a handful of frames, but then it just hangs with the play button greyed out. The UI remains responsive and I can then scrub to another frame in the video. Is anyone else experiencing this? The videos I’m trying to play are fairly light weight (854X480 @ 60fps H264, so I wouldn’t expect there to be any problem decoding it.