UE 4 Nature

I thought i make a WiP Thread about my Portfolio Project.

This Project is loosely based on this Image:

I set myself a time frame for about 2 Weeks. One Week is over and i have achieved a good amount of Assets.

So here we go :slight_smile: :

First of all i made about 4 Rocks.

The cool thing about these Rocks is, that i’m in the Quixel Suite 2.0 Beta. i have to say: This dDo Painter is just awesome !

After the Rocks i tried my first Bark Sculpt ever (which will NOT be in the Project, because it’s bad), but i learned a lot.

Then i decided to make a Background Terrain, so i made one in Mudbox / Worldmachine and imported it to Unreal:

(No Lights baked atm).

For the Vegetation i made 2 Gras Types and 5 different Birch Trees. The Grass was made in Zbrush and the Trees in SpeedTree.

Yesterday i finished the Sculpting and Material Process for the Pine Bark, which i will import into SpeedTree for some nice Pine Trees.

For the Techninal stuff. I’m not sure if i should bake the Light or if i should switch over to Realtime. Atm a Medium Light Build takes about 80 minutes on my System (i7 4790K, 16GB RAM, GTX 980, Win10).

So that’s it for the moment. I think i will start working on the Pine Needles today.

Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:

So i made a little DIY Character Controller .


Wow, that bark is really amazing! I’m curious to see how it will look in engine.

For the terrain, you’ll need something a bit more steep and contrasty to match your original image. The mostly flat and even stuff you have now doesn’t have the same level of character. But maybe that was just a testing ground.

Looks really cool!
I pesonally would switch to dynamic lights -> you dont need any lightmaps, no building times,… but the performance wont be so good anymore :slight_smile:

Yeah about the Dynamic stuff… I try to get it together, but it’s not that easy :D. Do you have a good Setup for this ?
I already read the Documents about this, but it didn’t looked great at all:


It should look like this:


About the Terrain stuff:
Yeah i know. The Terrain is just there for the Trees atm. To check them. If i have the right Lighting Solution i will adjust the Terrain :).

Very nice progress, keep up the work!

Just take a look at/use the light setup from the kite demo :wink: -> as far as I know they also use GI in their scene.
+with post process volumes you can improve the quality of how the light looks/feels like

Is it smarter to export the Light Setup ? Or should i put my stuff in the Kite Demo ?

So after many bake or no bake light discussion stuff i changed the System to LPV and this will be awesome :).


looking good… would love to see your setup for the plants :)… also… I want quixel 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :). I can show it later, because today i will make new Leaves and stuff :).

Today is “better Branch” Day :slight_smile:


First one done, 6 more to go. Leaf Map Maker is nice, but all these Settings :D.


Made some Birch Planes today :).


What a producitve Day :D. Birch Trees and fancy Light stuff is ready :).





Made a little Test Render today :).

Working on the Pine Branches :slight_smile:



Can’t wait to see the finished project :slight_smile:

Very nice, from what i see you didnt use Speedtree for creation of tree. Would you mind posting wireframe of birch i am wondering how you positioned branches, couse i have always problems in regards to trees with that.