UE 4.8 Landscape Grass

I’m testing the new Landscape Grass tool and it works great! I have just one issue:
My landscape material has 4 textures and only one is connected to the LandscapeGrassOutput (Grass, off course). Nevertheless Grass is rendered also OVER the other textures. So the country paths I have painted with a terrain texture are completely hidden by the new rendered grass…
How can I exclude other textures of my landscape material to be covered with grass???



Please post a screen from the material setup.

Hi Maximum-Dev,
here’s a couple of screenshots, the first more general, the second one pointing at the LandscapeGrassOutput node!

Add a LayerSample node to the graph, Give it the name of the layer you want the grass to appear on and plug it to the Grass node.

You are a genius !!!:d

Also check out these docs if you haven’t already: