UE 4.7.0 preview 7 Improved fps for VR in templates

When I create a new Third Person Game
with Scaled 3D/2D then I get much better fps right away
It might just be better engine setting in the new preview - but it sure is nice to have my DK2 up and running without judder, just out of the box (I’m on a AMD R9 200, running DK2 in direct mode)

I have a feeling 4.7 will be a mighty fine release for VR

Looking forward to the final released build.

Confirmed - I’m getting a solid 75 FPS on the blueprint demo on preview 8 (GTX 970). Always juddered before.

Would be cool to hear about any potential engine optimizations done with VR in mind.
Unity 5 has implemented some engine architecture changes based on feedback from Oculus.