UE 4.27 EOS Plugin Finding Sessions


I have enabled Online Subsystem EOS, EOS Shared and EOS Voice Chat, to be able to use EOS in my project, and followed this blog How To Use Sessions In C++ - UE4: Guidebook to create sessions, I was successful at logging in, creating sessions but I cannot find sessions, the FOnlineSessionSearch shared pointer keeps getting nullified at OnFindSessionsComplete, is there any suggestion ? I uploaded both the .cpp and .h files of the gameinstance class I am using and .build.cs to include the modules, spent the whole week trying to figure this out, any help would be more than appreciated.
MyProject4.Build.cs (1.3 KB)
hAE5VAhmcqNicsoe5.cpp) (9.8 KB)
EOSGameInstance.h (3.0 KB)