Ue 4.27.1 Foliage bug

Hi. This happens for 2 things.

  1. Your system can not handle that amount of hierarchical static mesh and fps rich to 10 or lower so some of them will disappear (foliage and grass are in hierarchical static mesh Class) and fps increase

  2. your Setting

The foliage editor does not show the number of instances and sometimes it is not possible to delete created plants.

But I don’t have any FPS problems because the scene runs at 120 and I have an RTX 3090.

It happens even if I do only 10 bushes…

Do you set up any Cull for your foliage? if not try these commands . I hope this will help you

r.ViewDistanceScale 1

foliage.DensityScale 1

grass.DensityScale 1

grass.DensityScale 1

foliage.cullall 1

I have not changed any culling settings, if you look at the screenshot you can see that no instances are counted and they are not even selectable.

Yes, I noticed the problem. This happened because your surface is narrow. I tested it myself and this problem happened to me too. This problem occurs when you use the scale. It is better to use Unreal Geometry “BSP” to model or use a high poly for narrow place

Thank you very much! I work on a datasmith model imported from Revit and I can’t edit them.
Strange that sometimes it doesn’t recognise foliage or can’t delete it, maybe it has some compatibility problem with this type of mesh.