UE 4.26.x - is directional light supported with RTX ?!

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or it’s not supported or my project became corrupt somehow, but I don’t get any lighting with directional light placed into the scene with RTX enabled.

I tried 4.26, 4.26 Github branch (technically 4.26.1) and Nvidia’s RTX fork of 4.26 - in any of them in my project directional light doesn’t work at all.

Also, the only light source that makes meshes cast shadows as advertised is point light. Rectangular light doesn’t seem to make objects cast shadows (but it affects light in the scene).

Does anyone have a clue what’s going on with UE4 and RTX ? Thanks

I am just following, didn’t check yet 4.26 with RTX, so I like to know if something is wrong.

I think I “figured” it out :o I added custom sky sphere into the scene and it has “cast shadows” check box checked. After I unchecked it, directional light was able to reach my scene.

However, there are other lighting issues with RTX such as some light sources randomly not contributing to RTXGI (sometimes deleting them and adding them to scene again works, sometimes no matter what I do, some lights just refuse to cooperate).