UE 4.26. water color control.

Hi does anybody know how to change the water color in the new water system feature of UE 4.26. An example of the scene, Imagine there is an island surrounded by the default blue ocean water body. Now I want to have a greenish discolored river spline water body flowing across the island into the sea. How does one go about to achieve this color change. Also like wise I want add a concentrated color for example a black as in an oil spill flowing through the river in an uneven manner. Is this currently a possibility.

If you are still looking for an answer, Go into Water Content/Materials/WaterSurface. Make a copy of the water material you want to change (lake,ocean,river). Double click to open up the editor for the copied material. Go down to Global Vector Parameter Values and change the RGB to the color you want. Once that is done, click on your waterbody and scroll down to Rendering/Water Material and switch it out with the new material.