UE 4.26 Water Assets Casted Shadows

Does anyone know if that super hard shadow can be tweaked? It is like a horrible perfect and flat stamp on the surfac


what shadow?

Thanks for asking! Haha. Worse thing is the sky is completely covered by clouds and the sun have the cast shadows enabled so the light should not go through. You can see the reflection of the sun on the water and that super hard shadow from the rock. Nothing makes sense in those conditions. Not even with a sunny day the shadow can be that hard. I’ve tweaked every value and I can’t find anything to be able to control any of the problems.

Oh and then those weird stripes along the water. With an overcast sky the water remains very bright with those stripes and the other issues I mentioned. Well the lines are always there and I have no clue what it is.

I found out those stripes come from the Foam. Which is impossible to get working only around assets using distance fields. If anyone knows how to do that I would really appreciate if you share how.

ok, maybe lower your expectations of what this game engine can do. if an actor is called “sun” it doesnt mean its the actual sun or that it works exactly like or can do everything the actual sun does.

  1. what type of shadows are you using?
  2. if you have an overcast why do you have a sun in your scene? if its a dynamic cloud system don’t expect the engine to do penumbra effect automatically
  3. maybe use depth fade instead of distance field transparency at the foam

I am trying to understand the limitations in order to know what to expect from it. I am using a dynamic system so yeah the sun is there behind and the reflection could be hidden based on the volumetrics cloud amount. I mean that can be added in the material, right? I am asking to know if there are things that can be done as is or you got to come up with ways of getting that to work. I mean you can do anything so the question remains. Are there parameters already in place or not. Regarding the shadow, the shadows cast perfectly fine everywhere but on the water where it doens’t have any penumbra going.

Regarding the depth fade you mentioned is that the best way to make it work? Is that the way Ryan uses on the water video? I am asking because the material has tons of parameters regarding foam and I am puzzled that this was not implemented yet in any way.