UE 4.26 Capture2D does not support new Water displacement

it’s ok in viewport and game mode,but when it’s captured by SceneCapture2D Component,the displacement disappeared.

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I have the same issue, where the waves disappear with a scene capture. Did you ever find a solution ?

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What do you guys mean by “disappear”?

If the camera is in ortho from the top you wouldn’t see a wave (The depth may still compute).

If your camera is set as normal (say for a spyglass or scope material) and the capture isn’t vertical, then you should see the waves just fine.

It seemed to work last I tested it anyway - may be a new bug, but you need to better explain the situation.

Yes I have a scene capture component 2D that is pointed in the same direction as the player camera, by setting the location and rotation of the scene capture to match the player camera when the player presses the start button to pause the game.

Then I call the CaptureScene function on the scene capture, and it sends a snapshot to a render target and then displays that via a material within a widget that is then displayed across the full width and height of the screen.

This creates a pause screen with a snapshot of the player camera, and the snapshot is fairly good but it’s slightly darker and doesn’t show the waves.

The ocean is just a flat plane without waves - the color of the ocean is correct but the waves are not there.

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Any clue on what may be causing this? I scapture a scene then reproject onto niagara particles : the displacement disappears.

This is apparently fixed in UE5 but I’d love to know how to fix this in UE4.27 if anyone has any idea!

Is anyone able to solve this issue in ue4 ? Maybe someone who can tell how did they fix it in ue5 maybe we can apply some workaround.